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Retire with Clarity.
Live with Intention.

Retirement Readiness Quiz

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Retiring on Purpose

Are you ready to piece together your retirement puzzle? You are planning a few years ahead, retirement is in your near future, or maybe you have recently retired. You have had a fulfilling and successful career. Now you want to be successful in, and enjoy your next chapter, too. 


You have put time into planning for your financial security, yet there is so much more to consider. It's about planning for this new chapter in your story, one filled with purpose and meaning so you can enjoy a life well-lived on your own terms!

Will you make a successful transition from career to whatever is next for you? Are you prepared for everything that comes with retirement, including the mental, social, physical, financial, and spiritual aspects? Take the free Retirement Readiness Quiz to find out.

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Our Process

When we partner together, we follow a strategic five-step process, Your
CLEAR Retirement Journey, crafted to guide you toward a purposeful and fulfilling retirement. We work to clarify your retirement vision, leverage your experience, values and interests, empower you with knowledge, tools and confidence, set goals and create a customized roadmap to help you actualize your ideal retirement. Then we review and adjust so you maintain alignment with your evolving aspirations. This process is the foundation for our group, individual and couples’ programs.


Your CLEAR Retirement Journey


Let's untangle your thoughts and dreams about retirement and create a crystal clear vision for your unique future.



Discover the lifestyle that you want and the retirement you deserve. Leverage your values, interests and purpose to shape your future.



Take the lead on your retirement journey with confidence and ease. We equip you with
knowledge and tools to help you create the retirement of your dreams.



Tailor your retirement plan to fit your life with the Retirement Journey Roadmap.



Pause. Celebrate. Adjust. Reflect on your journey and fine-tune the path ahead to ensure your
retirement plan stays in sync with your evolving aspirations.

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Let's Chat

Book a Free Consultation Call

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Retirement coaching is an essential investment to make a smooth transition from career to post-career life. My programs are designed to empower you to thrive in six key areas: spiritual, cognitive, social, financial, physical and time management.


Group Coaching

Our group coaching programs are engaging and interactive as each member defines, explores,
and discovers new ideas about planning for retirement. We offer group programs on a regular basis.


Individual Coaching

You might prefer to work with me one-on-one. Through regularly scheduled sessions, I work with you to clarify your vision and craft a strategy to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals while offering support and accountability along the way.



Our interactive workshops are a fun and creative approach to retirement that focus on planning for the everyday life aspects of it. Learn how to make your retirement the most meaningful time of your life.



If you are looking for a keynote address, workshop, or panel discussion, I bring a wealth of current knowledge to engage and empower your audience to think about retirement in a new and exciting way.

Meet Lori

Hi there! I'm Lori Candela, your Certified Professional Retirement Coach. When several people close to me retired from their careers, I discovered something interesting. While they were successful at what they did and in the way they planned for financial security in retirement, they still had questions like:


  • "Who am I without my job title?"

  • "How do I build structure to my days?"

  • "Now what?"

  • I don't want to stop working, but what should I do next?

Mary H.

"Lori expanded my perspective on the non-financial side of retirement planning, inspiring me to consider various aspects of my life. I now approach my retirement planning with a broader focus, integrating more than just finances."

Terry P.

"I enjoyed sharing my retirement hopes, dreams, and fears with Lori. Her empathy and guidance on creating a rewarding and relaxing retirement were invaluable."

Renata T.

"I appreciated the Retirement Coaching Program for shifting my perspective on

retirement. It is not just an end; it is a new beginning filled with possibilities."


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