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Group Coaching

Retirement Readiness – Group Coaching Program

Transform Your Retirement: Join the Journey to Purpose and Fulfillment!

You are planning a few years ahead; retirement is in your near future; or you have already retired. You have had a fulfilling and successful career. You want to be successful in and enjoy your next chapter, too.

And you are feeling confused. You find yourself asking:

  • Who am I without the work title behind my name?

  • What's my purpose now?

  • How do I want to spend my days and who do I want to spend them with?

  • What’s my plan to get and stay healthy?

  • What do I do with all this free time?

Virtual Team Meeting
Virtual Team Meeting
Virtual Team Meeting

The three big things we don’t plan for…


In 2023, The Retirement Coaches Association conducted a survey and compiled the results to address The Great Retirement Disconnect. The top three reasons retirees gave for struggling in retirement included:

  • Loss of identity (53%) 

  • Lack of a daily routine (32%)

  • Have few friends (24%)


Imagine what this next chapter in your life could be if you invested the time in planning for it in the same way you planned for your financial security?

In the same survey, 91% of retirees felt that having specific plans and goals for everyday life would have been helpful.

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Imagine having a plan that…

  • Allows you to discover your new identity and purpose.

  • Helps you to balance and structure your time.

  • Defines what is most important to you and aligns with your vision and values.

  • Addresses your spiritual, mental, social, physical, and financial goals.


No need to imagine, I will partner with you to create it!

That’s the power of creating your

Retirement Journey Roadmap@

Join me in the Retirement Readiness Program, an exciting journey designed to lay the foundation for a retirement that goes beyond financial security. This program is thoughtfully designed to embrace every facet of your well-being, providing a sturdy foundation for a retirement filled with purpose and meaning and without regrets.

Enjoying the View
Here is what we will do together:

Discover Your Purpose


Creating a vision for retirement is not just about planning; it's a dynamic and empowering process that enhances decision-making, motivation, and overall well-being in this significant life phase.  Together we will:

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Result: You will have a clear picture of who you are and the rich and fulfilling lifestyle you want to create in retirement.


Balance Your Wellness

Well-being in retirement is not just about having enough money. It is also about achieving a more balanced and comprehensive sense of wellness during your retirement years. We will set goals that will help you to:

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Result: Each aspect contributes to the overall picture of health, and by acknowledging and actively working on these elements, you can enhance your overall quality of life and resilience in facing life’s challenges.

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Plan Your Future

We spend more time planning for a vacation than we do for the rest of our lives.  Master the art of balancing and structuring your time effectively and create a plan that aligns seamlessly with your goals and aspirations for this exciting phase of life.



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We will:

  • Create your Retirement Journey Roadmap© that aligns with who you are, where you want to go and how you plan to get there.

  • Create a structure for your days.

  • Manage your time so it doesn’t manage you.

Result: Goals, a plan and structured time management in retirement are key for a purposeful and fulfilling life. It prevents aimlessness, lets you pursue enjoyable activities, and helps balance social connections and personal interests. By aligning your actions with your vision and using your time effectively, you enhance overall well-being, and create a satisfying retirement lifestyle.

The Retirement Readiness Group Coaching Program provides you with:

  • Eight week program, meeting weekly for one hour live virtual sessions 

  • Comprehensive exploration through thought-provoking activities, worksheets, and discussions

  • Brief weekly assignments

  • One individual coaching session

  • Unlimited support via email and text throughout the Program

  • Your personalized Retirement Journey Roadmap©

Going for a Run

Are you ready to redefine your retirement narrative with excitement and purpose?

The Retirement Readiness Group Coaching Program will elevate every dimension of your life as you step into this new chapter. Your journey to a purposeful and fulfilling retirement begins now, and I'm here to guide you every step of the way. 

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