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Elevate Your Event with Retirement Insight

Invest in an event that stands out, offering not just insights but a transformative experience.

Presentation Topics


What’s Next? Creating a Fulfilling Future

Explore a comprehensive view of retirement, covering spiritual, mental, social, physical, financial, and time management elements. Learn to transcend financial security, emphasizing personal fulfillment and purpose.


Navigating Change with Confidence

Address the changes that retirement presents while reviewing several change and transition models. Uncover practical strategies to tackle major life transitions smoothly, ensuring a seamless journey into retirement. Discuss how to build resilience.

Psychology Session

The Dark Side of Retirement: Addressing Unspoken Realities

Delve into nuanced aspects, from coping with identity shifts to mental health implications and financial challenges. Benefits include holistic understanding, empowerment through awareness, and fostering community support.


How to Prepare Your Marriage for Retirement

Explore the keys to a successful retirement journey as a couple, whether one or both are retired. This talk provides practical insights on expectations, retirement vision, communication, and adapting to changing roles. Strengthen your relationships by asking the questions that can be the answer so you can embrace the opportunities retirement offers.


Why Choose Me as Your Speaker…

  • Certified Professional Retirement Coach with in-depth knowledge and experience.

  • Engaging and interactive speaker with a passion for involving and
    empowering audiences.

  • Customized presentations tailored to your event and audience objectives.


Ready to Transform Your Event?

Contact me today to secure a speaker who goes beyond the expected, crafting an unforgettable experience for your audience. Let's collaborate to make your event a success!   

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